Mind Mapping: how to set goals in life strategies for success

Mind Mapping Planning for life

Mind mapping is a way of planning things. It is like note making. It helps for clearer thinking and better planning. It gives clarity to our plans and a good direction to our ideas.

What goes into to mind map. Spring is one of the four seasons. When there is spring, there will be warm sun, there will be greenery all around, birds gather on the trees, there will be buds and flowers and nature beautiful with honey bees and butterflies.

Draw a circle in the center of the page and write spring.

Observe the underlined important ideas.

As spring is associated with five factors, draw five lines in different directions. Write names and pictures.

Draw branches to indicate various factors.

Use different colors for easy identification.

Compare the following write up and mind map on health observe how mind map helps you in remembering things clearly.

Health is possible through diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. Good diet consists of wide variety of followings:






Which are low on at and high on fiber.

Exercise includes warm ups.



Weight lifting

Treadmill etc.

33 Percent in our life should have sleep. The consequences of sleeplessness are many. By maintaining regular sleeping hours, by sleeping on a comfortable bed by talking up regular exercise and by quitting smoking. We can have comfortable sleep. Then the other factor that impacts health like wise.



Work pressure

Relationship issues

Above four factors create stress. The effects of stress are disastrous. There will be worry, diarrhea anxiety etc.

There are solutions to manage stress like relaxation technology, we also need to avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Help also can be obtained from doctors, dietetics and nutrition assistants.

Tony buzan popularized the idea of mind mapping. He is an English author and educational consultant. We have to observe the following mind map about buzan and write about buzan in your own words in the space given below.

Tony Buzan Life Planning 2022
Tony Buzan Life Planning 2022

Benefits of mind Map:

Useful resource

Training Tip

Project Management



Strategy development

Risk management




Memory tool


Solve problems

Tony buzan said:

Learning how to learn is life most important skills.

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