Medical Colleges Closed Open Merit Admission System

Medical Colleges Closed Open merit Admission System

Karachi: Pakistan medical and dental council change the policy of admissions due to increasing females in medical sector instead of males. The females who takes admissions in Medical sector, leaves in future due to marriage. Due to this after two and three years many females’ students leaved medical education and as a result the number of female candidates deceased.


So Pakistan medical and dental council make a decision to participate merit 50 % for boys and 50 % for girls. This year 2014 the merit system remains old butt in next year 2015 all medical colleges will be adopted the new system of admissions.

PM&DC is a statutory regulatory authority established under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 as a body corporate. It is known and respected worldwide and is part of international community of medical regulatory authorities (IAMRA). Pakistani doctors are considered one of the best and are doing meritorious service in all parts of the world and that is a testimony to the effective regulation of medical education being done by the PM&DC. No Pakistani Doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in good standing with it.


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