Live 10 Years younger Add a Balanced Diet and Exercise

Live 10 years younger add a balanced diet and exercise

New Search about health in Zurich Switzerland: Medical experts said that if young people leave smoking and add their healthy life style: a balance diet, and necessary exercise is important.

The University of Zurich, located in the city of Zurich, is the largest university in Switzerland, with over 26,500 students. First time research about health of middle age, university experts have reviewed the efforts of attitude and in this regards the experts prepared a document for industrial countries. The diseases heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases are increased day by day due to personal behaviour constantly increasing smoking, not healthy diet and physical exercise.


Temperate diseases in industrialized countries, namely heart disorders, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases are increasing said by experts.

Brian Martin teaches in the interdisciplinary area of Science, technology, and society at the University of Wollongong in Australia. Brian Martin, a researcher at the University of Institute of social medicine and the effects on the individual and the four factors.

Prominent member of the research team’s review said that living a healthy lifestyle helps young man another 10 years, researchers from the research participants in smoking, drinking and eating fruit and physical information.


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