Karachi Postal Code Area Zip Codes Colony Name Wise

Karachi Postal Codes List area wise
Karachi is a biggest population city of Pakistan due to this government of Pakistan separates their Postal codes area wise. Postal Code is necessary to find the location and address of any area and house / residential address.

Postal code is known in various English Speaking as well Pakistan as a Postalcode, post code PIN or ZIP code. Postal Code is a Postal Address for the purpose of Sorting Mails.

72500  Airport
75760  Baldia Town
75150  Board of Secondary Education
75530  Cantt
7100    City GPO
75600  Clifton
75250  COD
75180  Darul-uloom
75500  Defence Society
75150  Export Processing Zone
75950  Federal B Area
75300  Gulshan-e-Iqbal
75650  Habib Bank
75520  Hotel Metropole
75510  Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center
75620  Keemari
75190  Korangi Creek
74900  Korangi GPO
74200  Karachi GPO
75270  Karachi University
75160  Landhi Colony
75900  Liaqatabad
75660  Liyari
75750  Maripur(FA)
75460  Mehmoodabad
75100  Model Colony
75040  Murad Memon Goth
75070  Malir Cantt
75050  Malir City
75890  Manghopir
75640  Manora
75780  MariPur(CE)
75260  National Cement Industry (DALMIA)
75850  New Karachi
74550  Nishter Road
74800  New Town GPO
74600  North Nazimabad GPO
74700  Nazimabad GPO
75800  Orange Town

75280  P.C.S.I.R
75100  P.E.C.H.S
75760  Pakistan Machine Tool Factory
75800  Pakistan Steel Mills
75200  Pakistan Steel Mills Town Ship
75020  Port Muhammad Bin Qasim
75790  Pakistan Naval Armament Depot
75120  Quaidabad
75210  Rafa-e-Aam Society
75700  S.I.T.E
74100  Saddar GPO
75350  Shahra-e-Faisal
75730  Sher Shah Colony
75580  Sindh Governor House
75230  Shah Faisal Colony


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Karachi is famous as city of lights and the 6th most population city of the world. The Details of Zip Codes with Colony wise details available above. students can also find the difference between postal code and PO BOX.


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