Ideology of Pakistan and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Sir Syed believed that Muslims should have friendship with the British if they want to exercise their due rights.

To achieve this, he did a lot to convince the British that Muslims were not against them.

On the other hand, he tried his best to convince the Muslims that if they did not befriend the British, they could not achieve their goals.

Sir Syed wrote many books and journals to remove the misunderstandings between Muslims and the British.

The most significant of his literary works were his pamphlets “Loyal Muhammadan of India” and “Cause of Indian Revolt”.

He also wrote a commentary on the Bible, in which he attempted to prove that Islam is the closest religion to Christianity.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan emphasized to the Muslims of his time not to participate in politics unless and until they got modern education.

He believed that Muslims could not succeed in the field of western politics without knowing the system.

He also emphasized that Muslims should keep themselves away from the Congress and predicted that the party would prove to be a pure Hindu party in the times to come.

By establishing the Muhammadan Educational Conference, he provided Muslims with a platform on which they could discuss their political problems.

Sir Syed is known as the founder of Two-Nation Theory in the modern era.

The term ideology
The term ideology


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