How to use Facebook for Business Marketing

With over 1 billion people on facebook, facebook is the fastest growing social platform in the platform. These days’ businesses are becoming louder on facebook. Facebook is considered to be a highly effective business tool for marketing products and connecting to customers. The marketing potential of facebook is really huge and can help your business expand expansively. Hence, today we talk about various ways to use facebook for your business.

facebook marketing for business
facebook marketing for business

In order to earn trust of your customers and prospects fill out your complete profile. Incomplete profiles generally tend to be considered fake.

In order to integrate feeds from your blogs and other social media sites into your facebook profile install appropriate applications.

Always add your facebook URL to your email signature and other marketing collateral including your business cards, printed brochures etc so prospects can learn more about you.

Posting discounts and package deals on your facebook account in order to market your products.

Use facebook connect to add social networking features to your web site.

Target your exact audience by buying facebook ads.

Start a group or fan page for product, brand or business. Unless you or your business is already a household name, a group is usually the better choice.

Update your facebook group of fan page on a regular basis with helpful information and answers to questions.

Joint network, industry and alummi groups related to your business. Such networks and group help you find prospects.

Monitor the success of your facebook page continuously. Facebook analytics tools allow your to see what kind of content works well. You can access information through facebook insights; you can see how people are interacting with your content, what demographics they belong to, which countries they are in, etc.

Hold contests and polls to integrate your fans/ customers, Prospects with your business/ brand.

Don’t just launch your page and never go back or only visit once a week. Keep on posting new stuff on the page and reply to customers question as soon as possible.

Learn how your customers have benefited from your service. Solicit stories and testimonials about your business. Each story they tell makes you more visible on facebook.

Facebook is a valuable tool which can increase your customer base. Take advantage of the facebook marketing campaigns, create discounts, and help your business thrive.

My facebook page is looking like this


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