How Animals Treat Themselves Different Methods

How Animals Treat Themselves

Let’s see that animals of the world can treat themselves by different methods.

He was a bird that was taught in the grill of the thorny wires, he tries to be free her butt cant, in this effort to get the rid of them he becomes injured. A boy was saw him from outside now boys comes and caught him and takes his home with carefully and mercifully to help them. Boy does necessary treatment free them that bird can fly now. The bird goes and set in the tree and bird opens strip wound around hair and remains open. The birds make their treatment from the sun shining. I reached the point that birds can treatment by self and they have ideas that how to treat their injuries. They make their treat himself and like humans they don’t need doctors.


Injured mountain rates protect them gonad of the trees to escape from germs and dust, similarly bear animal protect their injuries by using water and gonad of the trees to prevent from big injuries. According to experts if the bone of “ud ud” bird broken he takes paste in the injured place and after some days plaster is perfectly fine.

When wild animals in injured, they change their place and takes the peaceful place where they takes rest and eats verity of herbs as medicine. Lion and other wild animals when injured or ill leave to eating meat and eats only vegetables and different herbals in the treatment of different diseases which can benefit.

This point teaches us that basic medicine learning gives humans by animals.

Leaves of certain plants, such as after a losing virginity Mongoose snake venom which is capable of decoupling,  When your children on rainy days (to protect it from weather conditions) find grass and fodder, Monkey ‘soon’ diseases have been seen eating neem leaves are broken off.

When wild animals are suffering from fever is people land at a place that not only shade but also clean the air and water is near. To reduce fever or fever to break some not eat, drink only water. Similar joint or muscle pains the animals that reside in a place where the sun light directly affects.

At last the old bear and other animal’s find the hot springs and the baths are regularly go there. Lice or flea dirt animals in case they are seen at the lutnyan. This process, bath Khaki ‘hyn.mahryn could also correspond to the observation of animal foods change with seasonal changes.

Injured when part of a zero chance of recovery if the doctor was forced to cut it so that other body parts are protected from risk, Will surely surprise you to know that animals are of the last treatment. If they are dealing with a situation irreversible organ are isolated from the body in different ways.


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