Hajj Result 2020 Draw Selected candidates Final List

Once the balloting is done, an SMS will be sent to the applicants to share the result.The Ballot result shall also be made available online today by the day end dated -12 March 2020 Friday Evening almost 4 or 5 O’Clock. the final date of announcement of result has not been announced yet.

Once the balloting is done, an SMS will be sent to the applicants to share the result.

The Ballot result shall also be made available online today by the day end.

Hajj 2020  Ballot Result: Click Here

Applicants can now easily verify their basic information and group details. Incase of any discrepancy such as Missing or Extra Group Member, Incorrect CNIC Number, Incomplete Basic Information or any other related mistake, kindly consult respective branch of the bank where you have submitted your application.

Hajj Application Status:

Training Schedule for Hujjaj for Hajj 2020:

Minister of Hajj Announced Result Hajj Final Lists Today dated: 12-03-2020 government and Minister of Department of Pakistan Send SMS to All Applicants that they are selected or not.

today Dated: 12-03-2020 The balloting of Hajj has been canceled and postponed due to order of Supreme Court of Pakistan that not to issue the Hajj Selected Candidates of Friday . Now the Selected candidates will be shown when Supreme Court will be order.  According to ministry 179210 applications have been received and  pilgrims will be selected through a transparent balloting.

Bise Lahore Matric Result 2020

Hajj Result 2018 Selected candidates Final List

Ballot will be conducted on 12 March 2020 at 03:00 PM, result will be available after 09:00 PM.
Successful / Unsuccessful Applicants will be informed via SMS.


Today is a day to announce the final list of selected candidates for Hajj scheme 2020 offered by government of Pakistan, The final list of selected candidates who will perform Hajj in year 2020 from government of Pakistan will be announced result at 7:00 Pm by minister of Hajj.

The Hajj 2020 Result news on dated  Thursday minister of religions affairs and interfaith harmony will be conduct Hajj draws.

The hajj 2020 balloting draws will be from 3:00 PM and the final list will be shown at 7:00 Pm. We will hope that every person’s desire of Hajj completed on time. So friends and our beloved parents wait until 7:00 o’clock night.

The lucky persons will be select and the the list of candidates will be posted here, you can also get list of successful candidates from National bank of Pakistan NBP.


  1. Bank Name
    BANK OF PUNJAB Branch Code
    0266 Branch Name
    Branch City
    MINGORA Group Size
    5 System Generate Group No.
    Group Leader Information
    Group Leader Hajj Application No.
    17054791 POD Name
    PESHAWAR Sur Name of Applicant
    (as per Passport)
    Given Name of Applicant
    (as per Passport)
    AZMAT Father/Husband’s Name
    Date of Birth
    10 Oct 1973 Gender
    MALE Do you require Shia facilities?
    Postal Address
    BABUZAI – 229
    YES CNIC No.
    15602-0474790-5 Amount (PKR)
    Performed Hajj in last Seven Years?
    NO CNIC No. of Lady Who have not performed Hajj in Last 7 Years
    Are you Mehram of a Lady?


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