FAST NUCES Karachi Jobs Opportunities

FAST-NUCES, Karachi has open faculty positions in all major areas of computer science including but not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Systems

Bio Informatics

Computer Graphics

High Performance Computing


Cloud Computing

Image Processing

Theoretical Computer Science

Computer Networks

Information Retrieval and Mining

Data warehousing

Usability Engineering

Software Engineering

Ubiquitous Computing

Virtual Reality

Machine Learning

Multimedia Systems

Computer Vision

Cryptography and Network Security

Computational Linguistics

Candidates must have an MS degree (18 years) in Computer Science or related field.

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FAST-NUCES is an equal opportunity employer. We provide competitive salaries. Faculty is also encouraged to pursue research and PhD in their areas of interests by offering Research fellowships for PhD studies with full tuition waiver. In addition, faculty members are provided opportunities for academia-­industry liaisons and self­-start-up incubators. Grants for Journal and Conference publications, as well as opportunities to take part in international conferences are also provided.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, the university also provides benefits such as medical insurance, provident fund etc. and other compensations based on qualification and experience.

Please apply by sending email to:


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