Entry Test Tips and Experience Sharing in Pakistan

Entry Test Tip #10

When to Fill the Boxes in Answer Sheet

We recommend to fill the answer boxes along with questions.

It is because the boxes on answer sheet are congested and if you think that you should first Mark the correct options on the Question Paper and when you are done with all and later come back to fill the boxes in one go, you may wrongly fill them.

Many students after test complain that they have done this mistake in the test.


For Example: if the correct answer of question 10 is option D and that of question 11 is option A.

Now if you are filling all the boxes one by one in one go, you may wrongly fill option D box of question 11 which has correct answer of option A box.

Now what would happen. You wrongly filled question 11 for which you would be given -1 marks and you correctly fill option D of question 10 for which you would get +4 marks. Net marks you would get are +3. While ideally you should get +8 marks because you knew answers to both the questions. So this blunder must be avoided in the test.

Even if you fill the boxes along with questions; every time, you should drag your pen on answer sheet from Question number towards the Correct Option to avoid this blunder because once you fill it, you are done with that and you can’t erase that.

ETEA answer sheet is filled with pen, not with pencil.

By dragging pen from question number along options to correct option, I mean dragging the pen in AIR. Don’t draw line on answer sheet. Yeah, don’t be stupid like me


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