Economic Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions

Pakistan is the country where more than half population is living below the poverty line. Pakistan’s economy is facing its adverse condition due to lot of reasons. The reasons for decline are overpopulation, terrorism, bad governance and low literacy level. Other problems include the neglected attitude of world powers towards our state. There is the lack of systematized infrastructure within the country.


If we look at the overpopulation then we will come to know that we have bundle of people with few resources. Few years earlier, the population was very huge. Government put some attention on the issue and now the population is under control. the over population has lot of disadvantages like low literacy, lack of employment, no better facilities for food and shelter and adverse health facilities.

Our country has faced the worst condition of terrorism. Because of this war against terrorism, we have seen the continuous bloodshed and the refugees with bad condition. The problem is the presence of millions of people with no home, food and health. Moreover, world investors are not investing anything in this insecure country. Pakistan was the world market for investors and economists like India. But now the businessmen are unable to invest in this country because of continuous terrorist’s activities. There is the condition of law and order in the state especially in northern areas and Sindhi. There are events of kidnapping, bank looting and bomb blasts.

Bad governance is still the major issue within the state. Our leaders have bank accounts in foreign countries. They have invested in other countries. The own the companies and have shares in such highly developed states. This is the kind of insincerity towards the nation. Moreover our political leaders have unbalanced attitude towards the state. Few regions are highly developed with all facilities while few are highly neglected regions. This is creating anarchy and impatience within state. Our leaders must be patriotic for all the country.

There is still the need of pure democracy within the state. Although, the country is moving towards democracy slowly, But still there must be no interference of Military towards the political matters. We should be confident of leaders selected by nation.

The Kalabagh Dam, is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Indus River at Kalabagh in the Mianwali District of Punjab. It’s a biggest demand of Pakistan to make it as early as possible to become escape from load shading and fulfil our electricity requirements. Army Chief of Pakistan Raheel Sharif must be take action against the politicians who’s against Kalabagh Dam. Kalabagh Dam can boost the economy of Pakistan by providing electricity demand of Pakistan.

There is need of empowerment of more women to get the best economy. Women are more than the men. There is only 1 person feeding the whole family. Some are kids, some are senior citizens, some are ladies, then who has to earn. 1 person can’t feed the whole family. So there must be the participation of young ladies within the flow of state. So that country can have more manpower and creative minds. If we teach a man, he can teach himself, but if teach the women, she will groom the whole family. This is the difference.

Although, the terrorism and population are under control at some extent. But there is the need of good leaders to develop the best infrastructure and system for the people. The system with best law and order, with division of classes in society like upper class, middle class and lower class. There must be one class within the state.

We have natural resources in the form of land, manpower, water, oil and minerals. Problem is the best utilization of the resources. We have huge rivers with water, we face worst flood every year. But we can’t make the dams to produce cheap electricity. We waste the water into the sea. Moreover, we have natural resources in the form of oil and coal. But there is no one to flourish these natural resources. We have to utilize the resources at our best level.

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