Dr Zawar ul imam Beaten in Private Surgical Hospital Hyderabad

Dr Zawar ul imam Beaten in Private Surgical Hospital Hyderabad by unknown people you can also see in video.


A Letter by a Doctor for Doctro Zawar ul Imam:

I am a doctor and I stand with my sir zawwar ul imam.

Sir this is not your insult, this is my insult, this is insult of our profession, this is insult of white coat and I am feeling like they have slapped on my face. Sir you are not alone, we all doctors of Pakistan are with you. Imagine, One FRCS consultant dr Zawwar Ul imam shb is beaten by Goon attendants at latifabad Hyderabad at one of the private hospital named ‪#‎Surgicare . Dear sir Zawar ali , sorry that this happened with you but I swear and I believe that this is my insult , this is insult of my profession. I stand with you sir zawar ali.

What the hell is this beard old man in video slapping a FRCS consultant on his face. Justice needed for dr Zawar Hussain. Plzz raise your voice so that tomorrow you should not be the victim. Plzz help us to reach these people. Can anyone know about them. Those who know anything about this incident and details about attendants, They can send us details in inbox. Does this nation deserve Pakistani doctors for treatment? A doctor is not God but a helper. These Attendants think if they are paying money than they can buy everything and even have the doctor in their pocket and they do not understand the situation that which thing has gone wrong and what complication has occurred. Daily thousands of doctors and paramedical staff nurses are harassed by such illiterate people and still we treat them for their diseases. This is sad really. No reward and no honour but humiliation.

One of the dear doctor said it here in comments that

“” Let’s talk sense! , this problem is very much there in India because it’s the same Race of people,

Indian Government has passed a bill where by threatening or manhandling a Doctor is Life imprisonment, please check it on Google it’s done there we should have it here too.


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