Corporal Punishment is banned in Schools of Balochistan

Corporal Punishment is banned in Schools of Balochistan

Director of education schools balochistan Quetta has been banned corporal punishment for children in all schools of Balochistan cities today Government of Balochistan published Notification against physical torture.

The new government of Balochistan that is working with Pakistan Tehreek insaf PTI Imran Khan is working great for Balochistani students and providing them good educational activities from school level.

Complete Ban on Corporal Punishment

The ministry of education today Said that large number of complaints have been received from different concerns so government of balochistan take strict action against corporal punishment. If any teacher find who will not follow corporal punishment laws, government will take strict action against those teachers and maybe fired from their Teaching Jobs if anybody find guilty.

Moreover it is to clarify that the term corporal or physical punishment means any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, which may involve hitting, smacking, slapping, spanking a child with the hand or with an implement (stick, belt, shoe, etc) including kicking, shaking or throwing a child, scratching, pinching, biting, pulling hair, or boxing cars, forcing a child to stay in uncomfortable position, bumming, scaling including mental abuse or any other kind of punishment etc.

It’s a directed to circulate to your all sub ordinate officers and schools to abide by the rules and ban the corporal punishment at schools.

In case any violation of the instructions / directions the department will initiate disciplinary proceedings as per prevailing government rules of business against the teacher and head teacher and other relevant officers.

These instructions shall be circulated to all private and semi-private schools strict.


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