Causes of industrial backwardness in Pakistan Types Problems

Causes of industrial backwardness in Pakistan

Causes of industrial backwardness in Pakistan are different types and nature these problems can be solved with sincere efforts of governments.

Following measures are suggested to remove causes of industrial backwardness.

SME, promotion

Optimum diversification

Labour intensive industries

Tax concessions

Industrial cities

Peaceful environment

National saving promotion

Optimum credit facility

Foreign investment promotion

SME’s Promotion

Our country is developing country and we should establish small and medium enterprises instead of large scale because we have less finance to run large scale industries.

Optimum diversification

We should establish every type of industry in every line so that we will be able to produce every product in our country and in this we can minimize inputs.

Labour intensive industries

Our country should establish labour intensive industries instead of capital intensive industries because we have cheap labour and we have shortage of capital.

Use foreign Aid

Government should obtain maximum foreign aid to compensate low rate of saving so that maximum investment with take place in country.

Tax concessions

Government should charge minimum taxes from industrialists so that they may not be discouraged maximum tax concessions should be given to businessmen.

Industrial cities and zones

Government should establish maximum industrial cities and zones where every facility should e provided to industrialists easily and at low rates.

Offer peaceful environment

Government should maintain law and order in country so that security of life and property will be given to business and they will feel comfortable and will be ready to invest in country.
National Saving Promotion

Government should promote saving culture in the country by introducing different attractive schemes to public of country.

Foreign Investment Promotion

Government should attract foreign investment by giving maximum facilities to foreign investors. In this way deficiency of investment can be made up.


It the above steps are taken by the government sincerely and at proper time and with full commitment. Maximum problems of industrial sector will be solved..


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