Bacha khan University Charsadda Attack by terrorists

We strongly condemned barbaric attack on Bacha Khan University Charsadda(KPK). We are standing with Bacha Khan University in these sad moments.

Our prayers for all Martyrs and their families.

Extremely sad incident once again in the history of Pakistan at bacha khan university. We mourn that we have been born in such a cruel country where there is no value of life. If I had the power, I have cutted each and every one terrorist invovlved in this attack into thousand pieces. Terrorists have no relegion, they are ruthless persons.

I have no words to express my pain

Bacha khan University Charsadda Attack by terrorists 20 to 50 feared martyred this morning as 4 to 10 terrorists attacked our ‪Bacha Khan University Charsadda taking advantage of heavy fog by entering through the back wall near Boys Hostel and started firing with heavy weapons indiscriminately. Blasts were heard too. 19 confirmed dead including a Professor (Mr Hamid, Chemistry Department), 2 females, 2 guards and a policeman. More feared martyred. The attack took place 13 minutes past 9 in the morning.

Afer Pathankot attack Indian minister said we will hit strike Pakistan where there would hurt pakistan. PIA office hit in India and there after Pakistan consulate was hit in Afghanistan after that Quetta blast so far ‎bacha khan University. this is clear they want to engage Pakistan Army in thier internal affairs, whenever there attack happen in India they immediately without any source or confirmation they accuse and blame pakistan and what we do ?our prime minister prevailing upon to give investigation on pathan kot attack.


Police rushed to the scene immediately in the heavy fog followed by army and there was chaos of students escaping and concerned relatives and friends. Today a Pashto poetry function was planned to mark the Death Anniversary of Pashtun leader Bacha Khan.

Speechless at the moment. Really don’t know what the hell is going on in Pakistan. Another attack like APS, proves exactly how failure of a nation we are. Koi bhi kahi se bhi uth kar hamen maar de who cares?


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