Al Qaryan Group of Trading Industry Contracting Saudi Arabia

Al Qaryan Group is one of the leading metal scrap trading, processing, recycling, and dismantling companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 988, we are actively involved in the buying and selling of both ferrous and non ferrous scrap. Indeed, in metal scrap, we have been In business for over 23 years with over 700 skilled workers, vast yards in provinces in the kingdom, and one yard in Qatar, which includes high-quality tools and state-of-the art equipment. Since a decade, we have been well recognized and satisfied many of our customers (suppliers and buyers) located within the Saudi kingdom and globally, such as the USA, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Europe, by providing all types of industrial and commercial ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals, including: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, insulated wire, radiators, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, iron, lead, and other metals. The website of the company is

Al Qaryan Group of Trading
Al Qaryan Group of Trading

We are the largest bidder for scrap materials for numerous Saudi Arabian and Gulf industry firms. We are the domestic supplier of ferrous materials to HADEED (the Saudi iron and steel company) and many other end users. We are focusing on the scrap purchase business and act according to the needs of our domestic and international customers (buyers and suppliers) and fulfil these needs through required quality and quantity, fairness, respect, and reliability.

Al-Qaryan It grew rapidly and started its new branches in Riyadh and Yanbu with huge yard facilities and the latest processing machines. The company has invested heavily in the latest technology and is committed to bringing a new generation of clean iron and copper products. We purchase ferrous and non-ferrous metals, variety of scrap items and prepare the materials for sale to a wide range of domestic and international customers. A strong and enthusiastic team of more than 700 employees works hard to achieve company goals on time. We conduct our operations while paying full attention to the minimization of air, soil, and water pollution.

We utilized the latest technology to bring anew generation of products based on our industrial machines to extract and mobilization of iron and cooper clean. We buy ferrous and non ferrous metals, variety of scrap items and prepare the materials for sale to a wide range of domestic and international customers. This preparation may involve one or m ore of the following processes: bailing, torching, sheering, briquetting, wire and cable recycling, alloy testing, sorting and grading, and custom processing. We also provide pickup service and skip for big projects to collect the scrap from their site and undertake unearthing of under ground communication cables. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer a wide range of services to fit our customer’s needs. Our customers are certain to receive prompt, dependable service, no matter where they are or what they require.



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