Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual University

Virtual university provides online distance learning system and one of the latest forms of 20th century education. In today’s world everything is changed rapidly and development of technology and information has changed many existing facilities in the culture, social political and economic fields. Therefore, education like other change in the society and expectations that a society has formed its people must change in an appropriate and acceptable way. Distance learning system is a new approach and solution for institutions that want to move toward the technology in order to change teaching method and Education environment. This method makes it possible to achieve modern education in a best way. The aim of virtual university is to provide totally online course delivery through the use of computer networking. The virtual university can be said to be a multimedia network learning environment that different from more traditional learning environment in that it is customization.

Distance Learning Online Education Advantages and Disadvantages

Distance learning has following advantages.

An online education provides the opportunity to study more subjects and reach out to programs that are not available in the imitate area.

Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional styles of classroom education. Students who need to take other classes or work can do classwork whenever those have a free moment instead of being restricted to a rigid schedule.

Students who enroll in classes with online education obtain a wider range of networking opportunities. Distance learning enables students to make connection with more diverse range of people

Online education enables the students to work at their own place in many circumstances. The requirements are not strict and typically give a range of due dates when the work needs to be submitted.

The schedules for distance learning are more open and allow for students, parents and professionals to take the cases whenever it fits into their schedule. This is the beneficial over classroom education that requires students to schedule work and chicare around the class time.


The most important benefit is that online education typically cost less than an education in the classroom environment.

Sitting in the classroom is not the best way for every student to learn.  A student may learn better at his own pace and in a different format than traditional schooling option offer.

Distance learning may not be the ideal option for everyone but should be considered when looking at option for education.

 Virtual university has following disadvantages.

Lack of student customization.

Lack of personal community and connection, and lot of downtime and play issues.

Another disadvantage is that the lack of face to face communication and no real experience to going to college. Distance learning is good for working people who cannot attend the regular classes.

Practical experience can change the way of work for human beings so in online education students cannot get practical experience. So the students who got online education feel less confidence in any field of work. Face to face communication with teachers and students can make students self-confidence and they can communicate confidently anywhere in their practical field.


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