A healthy body have a healthy brain

Health is the basically that part of our life which cannot be neglected for the existence of life we should kept our body healthy and physically fit, because A healthy body have a healthy brain.

health benefits

As we know that due to health we can identify the age of a person & its diet, some people have very bad physical condition & the appearance of their body is pale & intoxicated due to which we believe that the health of his/her body is not hale & satisfied. Health is affected by many reasons some of which are as follows

Due to poor diet
Due to some diseases

Due to malfunctioning of our genetic system

The most important factor that affects health is our poor diet, because when we take that food which is essential for our body then we will be considered a healthy person free of any disease. But oppositely if our diet is not good then we would be considered a weak person due to which our immune system become weak because the elements which are necessary for our body’s metabolism we can’t eat & germs can easily attack on the body & our body become diseased. The germs eventually cause many problems not only disease just likes

Ageing of our body
Wrinkle less on the face
Paleness & dullness of the body

health benefits1

So that we would be considered as an old person without average age & everybody call us an older person whom we feel very awkward and ridiculous.
While concluding, i should say that to keep away from above mentioned factors we just put one effort i-e we should improve our diet and become a strong, hale & healthy person so that nobody can call us older any other awkward things, which we hate very much.


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