Sample Letter Request For Business Visa

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Sample Letter Request For Business Visa

Write this letter on Your Letter Head.

Compnany Name (Where You Want to Visit).

Adress: (Like This)P.O. Box 11362

Diplomatic Area, Manama,

Kingdom of Bahrain.

Date: January 06, 2009


Dear Sir,

It is in reference to my previous visit to Bahrain. I enjoyed a lot to visit such a beautiful country as well as to explore the grounds for our business developments.

For back up and enhancement of our business findings & developments and establishing a joint venture, I want to re-visit Bahrain. For this purpose, you are requested to kindly arrange a business visa for me.

Thanking you for your kind co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

(Chief Executive)

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  1. please send me a sample letter for a business vise to the US for two visiters.

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