MA English syllabus of Punjab university

By rizwan January 25, 2012 16:29

MA English syllabus of punjab university. MA English Part 1 and part 2 syllabus.

This syllabus is from punjab university of pakistan.

If you are interested to get MBA English Dagree than you must read these topics carefully and preparation these topics for MA English.

This syllabus is provided by University of Punjab for MA English students for helping material.

Here is a Link MA_Eng_New

MA ENGLISH MA English syllabus of Punjab university

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By rizwan January 25, 2012 16:29
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  1. Komal Islam May 8, 09:06

    Can i appear in MA english exams in a single year.
    I have done my BA in session 2010-2012 and now i want to clear MA in 2015
    Is there any option i can appear and clear in 1 year ?

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    • huma May 9, 07:36

      yes you can take admission regular or private also you can do MA

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      • Komal Islam May 9, 09:22

        so i can appear in 2015 to clear part 1 and part 2 together ?

        i actually called PU and they said it will take 2 years ..

        im confused about it

        plz if you can confirm and tell me so i can start preparing for it to appear in 2015 altogether

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        • huma May 9, 10:00

          yes call to Punjab university you can get admissions easily, don, t be confused bee happy.

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          • Komal Islam May 9, 10:08

            I actually called PU yesterday and they said 2 years are required :(

          • huma May 9, 10:22

            what two years required, komal you passed graduate in 2012, now you want to take admissions in MA? am i ture, its easy just take your documents, first check availability of admissions in your specific field then apply.

          • Komal Islam May 9, 10:29

            so u mean i can clear MA english language in one year ?

          • huma May 9, 10:48

            no, please call to uni

          • huma May 9, 10:55

            you need to take admissions first for two years, MA english takes two year not one year.

  2. redrose January 11, 08:48


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  3. mehwish bhati December 20, 05:41

    there are 5subjects.. novel drama classical poetry American literature and prose.. in m.a 1

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  4. zinnia malik September 17, 06:23

    aqsa if you have done your graduation from punjab uni and now u are improving your division then you cannot take admmsn in punjab uni you can done this from any other uni

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  5. zinnia malikaak September 17, 06:19

    wohdk bsgjsv

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  6. zinnia malik September 17, 06:18

    plz tell me the names of all books which we will read in ma english part 1 plzzzzz

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  7. saif ur rehman June 29, 15:54

    send me merit of ma english and syllabus plz

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  8. MRS SAIMA RIASAT May 16, 04:09

    plz send me MA ENGLISH part 1 syllabus.

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  9. Ritika Munjial April 27, 07:59

    Dear all
    I aspire to do Masters in English, Kindly send me the syllabus for the same. I will be highly obliged.

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  10. syeda. mehrunnisa April 2, 17:55

    plz send me M.A English’s syllabus and plz tel me when your admissions will open .
    i want to apply as a private candidate.
    waitng for your reply

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  11. shonu March 9, 07:11

    a.a plz tell me where can i download all movies of ma English???

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  12. muqadas March 6, 11:04

    plz send me m.a part1 syllabus and marit

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  13. kulwinder kaur February 17, 06:01

    plzz send me MA english syllabus …plzzzz

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  14. aqsa January 18, 08:49

    plz send me syllabus for m.a eng part-1

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  15. aqsa January 18, 08:46

    plz tel me may i appear m.a because i have deposit my fee for b.a for division improvement but now i want to attend m.a part-1

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  16. Haris January 14, 10:17

    m.a English Syllabus

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  17. neelum asim November 14, 12:18

    plz show d included syllabus of MA eng lit part 1

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  18. arifa October 17, 10:35

    plz send me part 1 syllabus

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