MA English syllabus of Punjab university

By rizwan January 25, 2012 16:29
By rizwan January 25, 2012 16:29
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  1. Komal Islam May 8, 09:06

    Can i appear in MA english exams in a single year.
    I have done my BA in session 2010-2012 and now i want to clear MA in 2015
    Is there any option i can appear and clear in 1 year ?

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    • huma May 9, 07:36

      yes you can take admission regular or private also you can do MA

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      • Komal Islam May 9, 09:22

        so i can appear in 2015 to clear part 1 and part 2 together ?

        i actually called PU and they said it will take 2 years ..

        im confused about it

        plz if you can confirm and tell me so i can start preparing for it to appear in 2015 altogether

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        • huma May 9, 10:00

          yes call to Punjab university you can get admissions easily, don, t be confused bee happy.

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          • Komal Islam May 9, 10:08

            I actually called PU yesterday and they said 2 years are required :(

          • huma May 9, 10:22

            what two years required, komal you passed graduate in 2012, now you want to take admissions in MA? am i ture, its easy just take your documents, first check availability of admissions in your specific field then apply.

          • Komal Islam May 9, 10:29

            so u mean i can clear MA english language in one year ?

          • huma May 9, 10:48

            no, please call to uni

          • huma May 9, 10:55

            you need to take admissions first for two years, MA english takes two year not one year.

  2. redrose January 11, 08:48


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  3. mehwish bhati December 20, 05:41

    there are 5subjects.. novel drama classical poetry American literature and prose.. in m.a 1

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  4. zinnia malik September 17, 06:23

    aqsa if you have done your graduation from punjab uni and now u are improving your division then you cannot take admmsn in punjab uni you can done this from any other uni

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  5. zinnia malikaak September 17, 06:19

    wohdk bsgjsv

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  6. zinnia malik September 17, 06:18

    plz tell me the names of all books which we will read in ma english part 1 plzzzzz

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  7. saif ur rehman June 29, 15:54

    send me merit of ma english and syllabus plz

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  8. MRS SAIMA RIASAT May 16, 04:09

    plz send me MA ENGLISH part 1 syllabus.

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  9. Ritika Munjial April 27, 07:59

    Dear all
    I aspire to do Masters in English, Kindly send me the syllabus for the same. I will be highly obliged.

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  10. syeda. mehrunnisa April 2, 17:55

    plz send me M.A English’s syllabus and plz tel me when your admissions will open .
    i want to apply as a private candidate.
    waitng for your reply

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  11. shonu March 9, 07:11

    a.a plz tell me where can i download all movies of ma English???

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  12. muqadas March 6, 11:04

    plz send me m.a part1 syllabus and marit

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  13. kulwinder kaur February 17, 06:01

    plzz send me MA english syllabus …plzzzz

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  14. aqsa January 18, 08:49

    plz send me syllabus for m.a eng part-1

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  15. aqsa January 18, 08:46

    plz tel me may i appear m.a because i have deposit my fee for b.a for division improvement but now i want to attend m.a part-1

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  16. Haris January 14, 10:17

    m.a English Syllabus

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  17. neelum asim November 14, 12:18

    plz show d included syllabus of MA eng lit part 1

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  18. arifa October 17, 10:35

    plz send me part 1 syllabus

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