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Animations used on this Lyric video are from our favorite short films made by Mauricio Bartok. No copyright infringement intended. Just for promotional reasons.

‘PLATONIC INTERVENTION’ as most of you would have assumed differently after checking it out, is not a typical love song. Its about our bond with the ‘Supreme Power’ which we forget in our daily life, but HE still remembers. About WHOM we realize very late in our lives, mostly when we are left with nothing but regret…..

This version is a remix on Timbaland’s beat ‘Say It Right’ for Nelly Furtardo. The original version for ‘PLATONIC INTERVENTION’ will drop with the album ‘GREEN MACHINES’.

The Urdu Lyrics are from a Ghazal written by ‘Ahmed Faraz’ for a ghazal sung by Masood Malik (Late). Punjabi lyrics are yet another addition to ‘Sufi Rap’ introduced by Xpolymer Dar.
Composed by Yaruq Masood Malik/Xpolymer Dar.

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