Gilani has made it clear that Senate elections will be held on time

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has made it clear that Senate elections will be held on time.

Talking to media in Lahore the Prime Minister said he had said six months ago that all conspiracies are being hatched to forestall senate elections. Mr Gilani said the democratic government will present its 5th budget after which talks could be held with political parties on holding of general elections. To a question the Prime Minister said he respects judiciary; he has been summoned by the Supreme Court and he will again appear before it to present his point of it before the court. He made it clear that contempt of court matter in the NRO case is in the Supreme Court therefore he will not comment on it. The Prime Minister said we don’t indulge in point scoring. He said we avoided political on the deaths caused by fake drugs issue in Lahore, The Prime Minister said he had made it clear in Davos that responsibility will be determined after investigation in this regard. He said, he also discussed about research on dengue virus during visit to Davos. The Prime Minister said a parliamentary have been formed to review the prices of the petroleum products. Mr. Gilani said that democratic government encouraging foreign investment in the country and its Davos visit was successful in this regard.



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