Meezan Bank Saving Plan with Takaful Benefits

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Meezan Premier Islamic bank of Pakistan starts Saving Plan with Takaful Benefits. Meezan Bank offers different monthly investment plan for their customers to save the future of children’s and love ones by investment in this plan.

Make save future of your love ones for study, marriage, or any other dreams that you want to fulfil in future. So starts investing in Meezan Bank Saving Plan with Takaful to avail benefits.

Fifteen years plan of meezan bank allows you to monthly invest Rs. 2000/- Rs. 10,000/- and 50,000/- monthly and gets after fifteen years with benefits.

The saving plan is for three years to fifteen years.

This investment is Islamic because the profit is not fixed by Meezan premier Islamic bank of Pakistan, the profit depends of profit of bank.


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  1. zehra ghauri says:

    what will be your policy if we have to accidently quit before 3 years

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