Lecturers Made Permanent by Shahbaz sharif

Punjab government of Pakistan made permanent 2200  contract lecturers.  These employees made lecturers for five years through public service communication in year 2009. This is education friendship policy by government of Punjab specially from chief minister Punjab Muhammad shahbaz sharif.

shahbaz sharif
shahbaz sharif

The leaders (Zahid sheikh, Choudhary shahid, Tanveer shah, hanif abbasi, Nasir Rana, Amna Minto, Riaz ul haq, Ishaq goriya, and abdul islam)of punjab professors and lecturers association said thanks to chief minister punjab muhammad shahbaz sharif for the friendship policy for education.


  1. They have fooled us by regularizing the contract lecturers. Now we are at the initial stage of our service even after 3 years because of no pay protection.
    It was much better if we completed 5 years and get regularized with pay protection. To me it was a wrong deal indeed.


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