Karoron Ka 10 Offer Bring by Zong Telecom

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China Mobile World’s No.1 Telecom Operator Zong Telecom Brings Karoron Ka 10 Offer for their customers. Use Ten Rupees daily and win 1 Crore from Zong Telecom. So talk ten rupees daily and participate to win 1 Crore. If You use five days 10 rupees daily than you can win one hundered thousand. Ten days using of 10 rupees than you can win five hundered thousand. Fifteen days daily using of ten rupees than you can win 1 crore.

Harroz 10 rupay plus tax ya us say ziada ka mobile phone usage karein aur Karor rupay aur Lakhon kay bayshumar inamaat jeetnay ka mauqa hasil karein

10 and that’s it!!!

Now in 10 Rupees you can…

Buy not 1 but 4 cars!

Get your better half something precious to tell her what she is worth!

Start designing your own house because now you can!

Own a business that you have always dreamed of!

All of that in 10 Rupees??

Now Zong gives its valuable customers a chance to win cash prizes worth more than a Crore Rupees!

So participate in this amazing offer and make your dreams come true! Let your dreams be a reality today!

How does it work?

If a subscriber has continuous usage of Rs.10+tax or more for 5, 10, 15 days respectively he will be eligible for different prizes.

Prizes’ Eligibility:

Following is the prize detail with usage criteria and number of prizes in that respective slab:


Prizes Eligibility
Eligibility for 100,000 cash prizes lucky draw (Qty: 50) 5 days continuous usage of Rs.10+tax or more per day
Eligibility for 500,000 cash prizes lucky draw (Qty: 10) 10 days continuous usage of Rs.10+tax or more per day
Eligibility for Grand Prize of 10,000,000 lucky draw (Qty: 1) 15 days continuous usage of Rs.10+tax or more per day

Usage Detail:

Any activity that results in balance deduction

Lucky Draw:

September 1, 2012

The more the consecutive usage by the customer, the more will be his/her chance of getting the prizes.

Following will be the lucky draw entries against each category based upon the consecutive usage:

Usage Number of entries in the draw
Consecutive Usage for 100K 500K Bumper Prize – 1 Crore 10M
5 Days 1 0 0
10 Days 2 1 0
15 Days 3 1 1
30 Days 6 3 2
45 Days 9 4 3


Support Functionality:

A support functionality has been developed for checking the daily spend. When a subscriber sends *221# he will receive his daily & monthly balance spend detail. The said functionality will facilitate customers in keeping a track on their daily spend.

Campaign Duration:

July 18 till August 31

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