Fight in Two Student Groups in University of the Punjab

University of the Punjab is working under government of Punjab, today two student groups fighting each other in university hall on the day of Pashtun Culture Day.

PU Lahore Student Fight
PU Lahore Student Fight

Clashes hit Punjab University over ‘Pashtun Culture Day. The police reached on time and arrested students who were involved in this incident today news update dated 21 March 2017. The one of the most famous and best university become fighting ground today after clashes hit between two Groups of the University. Five PSF students and two members of IJT were injured.
According to reports the students where dancing on their traditional tunes when students from the other group attack and fighting got started, due to this fighting serval students were injured but Alhamdullah no any death.

The students marking the day were threatened by members of Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) who set their camp on fire. The setting ablaze of the camp ensued violence between the two parties.


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