DHA Multan balloting Date 31 May 2017 Draw Result Announced Online

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Unfortunately result is not upload online yet, the result of DHA Multan will be online on monday dated  05-06-2017 Online the officials of DHA Multan said today.The Result will be soon upload to this page when the data of selected candidates will be upload completely to server, keep with us we are aware and remain touch with DHA Multan officials, the online result will be published online today the time frame is not fix but the date will be 05 June 2017 Inshallah. have a Great Day for every follower of this page. The DHA Multan is showing results today. to know your results kindly fill the form below and click submit after that your application will be displayed if you are selected than your plate details will be shown otherwise the result will be shown like Thank you for your participation. Better luck next time.
Note: Only 4 & 8 Marla (Commercial) applications will be displayed.

DHA Multan ballot result will be uploaded on 5 June 2017.

Defense housing society DHA Multan will announce first balloting on dated 31 May 2017 time from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Its first draw result will be online Wednesday 31-05-2017. DHA Multan is big societies that are residential and commercial plates from 5 Marls to 1 kenal. The online verification has been finished on dated 25 May 2017 now all applications has been verified the result of DHA Multan will be announced today dated 31-may-2017. dear friends keep with us we will update you soon, the officials are working hard to show results online now.

The official Notice of DHA Multan:

“DHA Multan balloting will be held on 31 May 2017 “In Sha Allah”. Office timings 31 May only. 0900-1300 Hours. From 31 May to 5 June 2017, no transfer / Allocation activity will take place in DHA Multan.”.

DHA Multan Result Online

DHA Multan Result Online

the online result will be available at dhamultan official website. The online result of DHA Plate scheme will be shown online at our forum also, you can see result online at this page same time when the DHA Multan will be published Results online though official timing and on 31 May 2017. According to officials of DHA Multan there are thousands of applications has been received though banks with application fees of selected Plates. The applicants are hopeful that their application will be accepted and they will be succeeded to get plate in DHA Multan and they are hoping that in DHA Multan the balloting draw results will be on merit and real balloting not like DHA Lahore where they are giving preference their own related people and applicants. All Applicants of DHA Multan hope to get good results that will be benefits for all and they are hoping that corruption will not affect the DHA Multan Results.


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  2. DHA Multan Balloting says:

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  5. DHA Multan balloting was a big fraud. Read details and news report of daily pakistan at the following page

  6. Razia Muhammaddin says:

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  7. Razia Muhammaddin says:

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  11. noshad mehmood says:

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  12. Abdul aziz ch says:

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  13. said ali shah says:

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  14. Mian irfan says:

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  15. Engineer says:

    Dear All
    I have checked all of you and none of you is the winner but only 10 Marla, 1-2 Kanals & 4-8 Commercial. Thank you for your participation. Better luck next time.

    If any one for 5 & 8 marla then wait till day after tomorrow. message at with CNIC, Form No. & Cell No.

  16. My Name is Muhammad Tahir i need DHA multan 5,8 & 10 Marla plots, Pls Contact

  17. Fahad Asif says:

    My Name is Fahad Asif From Ausia Estate i need DHA multan 5,810or 1 kannal plots and also cmrcl plots 4,5 Contact

    • Mr. Fahad I want to sell 1 No. 4 Marla Commercial (have residential but not to sell) before Advance amount (only slip), I am abroad but the person whose name came successful is available in Pakistan for transfer. Kindly leave a message with some detail then I could call you back.
      Thanks – Khan

  18. Hammad Shaikh says:

    plz confirm

  19. Shame on DHA Multan, they did computerized balloting on 31st May and results/confirmation shud be sent through SMS promptly but instead first no news on there website and they are saying that results will display on 5th June. This delay is creating doubts that they are manipulating the results.

  20. Bila afzal says:

    plz tell me the result of my application.
    My cnic no is 3620369094958

  21. M.Iftikhar says:

    CNIC# 36302-2606635-5

  22. Syeda Sobia Gillani says:

    3630215779482 Please inform me (Sobia) about my balloting status as soon as possible. I am waiting for an email reply or a call. My contact number is 03216336352.

    • Engineer says:

      What is your plot category, I checked all who posted comments here, NONE got the Congratulation message except One. +923333234676

  23. Abdul Majeed says:

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  33. Muhammad Aslam says:

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  35. Farhat Nasir says:

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  36. uzair muhammad says:


  37. kamran Khan says:

    CNIC: 3520114408169
    Deposit Slip No: 041621
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  38. Muhammad Sajjad says:

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  41. Ammar yasir says:

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    cnic no.3630273910885
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  50. Muhammad Burhan ul Haq says:

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  51. Muhammad Azam says:

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    kindly send me the results

  52. Muhammad Imran says:

    35102-0631964-1 Muhammad Imran govt. Employee catagory.

  53. Azeem Tariq Arain says:

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    Application no : 4751093 and 4751094
    Cnic : 4130469751101

  54. Shahab zafar says:

    Whatss going on when should they announce their balloting result……..

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  65. Ameer Nawaz says:

    Deposit Slip No CNIC Name S/O,D/O,W/O Bank Name Amount Plot Category Ballot Category
    1077629483 42501-5513044-5 Ameer Nawaz Rehman Gul United Bank Rs 15000 04 Marla (Commercial) General Public
    1077628204 42501-5513044-5 Ameer Nawaz Rehman Gul United Bank Rs 7000 08 Marla (Residential) General Public

  66. hussanain aziz says:

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      Thanks and regards

  80. Shahid Khurshid khan says:

    Result requested
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    • Shahid Khurshid khan says:

      DHA Multan
      Balloting result

    • Engineer says:

      Dear All
      I have checked all of you and none of you is the winner but only 10 Marla, 1-2 Kanals & 4-8 Commercial. Thank you for your participation. Better luck next time.

      If any one for 5 & 8 marla then wait till day after tomorrow. message at +92 333 3234676 with CNIC, Form No. & Cell No.

  81. Bushra Nasir says:


    • Salam, which plot u have applied for in DHA Multan? If u plz know balotting results than kindly check mine too.

      Muhammad Mubashir Iqbal
      CNIC 36302 3796465 33

      Thanks and regards

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