Al Riyadh Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar Sehri and Iftar Timing

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Al Riyadh Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar Sehri and Iftar Timing

30 DAYS CALENDAR: SEHR-O-IFTAR TIME year session 2018
17 MayThursday03:40 am6:31 pm
18 MayFriday03:40 am6:32 pm
19 MaySaturday03:39 am6:32 pm
20 MaySunday03:38 am6:33 pm
21 MayMonday03:38 am6:33 pm
22 MayTuesday03:37 am6:34 pm
23 MayWednesday03:37 am6:34 pm
24 MayThursday03:36 am6:35 pm
25 MayFriday03:36 am6:35 pm
26 MaySaturday03:35 am6:36 pm
27 MaySunday03:35 am6:36 pm
28 MayMonday03:34 am6:37 pm
29 MayTuesday03:34 am6:37 pm
30 MayWednesday03:34 am6:38 pm
31 MayThursday03:33 am6:38 pm
01 JuneFriday03:33 am6:39 pm
02 JuneSaturday03:33 am6:39 pm
03 JuneSunday03:32 am6:40 pm
04 JuneMonday03:32 am6:40 pm
05 JuneTuesday03:32 am6:40 pm
06 JuneWednesday03:32 am6:41 pm
07 JuneThursday03:32 am6:41 pm
08 JuneFriday03:31 am6:42 pm
09 JuneSaturday03:31 am6:42 pm
10 JuneSunday03:31 am6:42 pm
11 JuneMonday03:31 am6:43 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:31 am6:43 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:31 am6:43 pm
14 JuneThursday03:31 am6:44 pm
15 JuneFriday03:31 am6:44 pm

The holy month of Ramadan starts from 10-July-2016 in Saudi Arabia. The capital Al Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia Ramazan sehri and iftari timing and schedule given blow.

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Riyadh Sehri Iftari Timing

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