Ramadan Time Table Sehr o Iftar Timings in Lahore 2017

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7:01 pm03:22 am28 May1
7:02 pm03:22 am29 May2
7:03 pm03:21 am30 May3
7:03 pm03:21 am31 May4
7:04 pm03:20 am01 June5
7:04 pm03:20 am02 June6
7:05 pm03:19 am03 June7
7:05 pm03:19 am04 June8
7:06 pm03:19 am05 June9
7:06 pm03:18 am06 June10
7:07 pm03:18 am07 June11
7:07 pm03:18 am08 June12
7:08 pm03:18 am09 June13
7:08 pm03:17 am10 June14
7:09 pm03:17 am11 June15
7:09 pm03:17 am12 June16
7:09 pm03:17 am13 June17
7:10 pm03:17 am14 June18
7:10 pm03:17 am15 June19
7:10 pm03:17 am16 June20
7:11 pm03:17 am17 June21
7:11 pm03:17 am18 June22
7:11 pm03:17 am19 June23
7:11 pm03:18 am20 June24
7:12 pm03:18 am21 June25
7:12 pm03:18 am22 June26
7:12 pm03:18 am23 June27
7:12 pm03:19 am24 June28
7:12 pm03:19 am25 June29
7:12 pm03:19 am26 June30


Ramadan Time Table Sehr-o-Iftar Timings in Lahore 2015



The holy month of Ramadan is starts now, the first day of Ramadan starts from dated 18 June 2015 in Pakistan. The Ramadan Time Table of Sehr or Aftar has been announced though Calendar of Islamic year in Lahore. According to Islamic Calendar the Ramzan Sehri and Aftari Times with All Dates detail.

Ramadan Mubarik from learningall.com to all Pakistani as well as whole world from Lahore. University of management sciences special design Time Table of Ramadan for providing good service for all Islamic sisters and brothers in Lahore, Ramadan brings a lot of good things with him. The main purpose of ramzan is sacrifices. The holy month Ramadan is not only for Sehr o Aftar, its complete Islam, that how to pass successful life. The difference of Time from start of ramdan to end of Ramadan is only 9 mint.

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